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As the Vietnam member of Legalink, INDOCHINA LEGAL will attend Legalink’s semi annual General meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, 17 to 19 may 2018. To meet with us, please email Eric at :

The conference of the international network of law firms Legalink, to be held in Portugal, will be attended by more than 70 members from around 47 countries.

One of the program highlights will take place on May the 18th. The first session guest speaker is the former President of the European Commission, Durão Barroso, currently President and non-executive Director of Goldman Sachs International, whose speech will address The Geopolitical Constraints to International Business. The second session guest speaker is Pedro Pires de Miranda, CEO of Siemens Portugal, who will address IT and New Business Opportunities. Gary Jones, Chairman of Legalink and José Manuel Sérvulo Correia, Founding Partner of Sérvulo & Associados, the event hosting firm, will open the event.

Sérvulo & Associados, who has been a member of Legalink since 1998, considers it an important pillar of support for the development of its clients’ international strategy, as well as being a tool to assist t the investment of foreign clients in Portugal.

“Being able to recommend who you know” is the motto of this international network currently composed of over 60 independent business oriented law firms with members from the majority of the world’s main commercial centres.

According to Paulo Câmara, Managing Partner of Sérvulo & Associados, the conference in Lisbon at this time “is another important step in the international affirmation of Sérvulo & Associados and in strengthening ties with its partners across borders at the moment in which Portugal lives a cycle of great vitality in the attraction of foreign investment “.

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