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Crafting and managing legal strategies to succeed in Vietnam and the region.

Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement

INDOCHINA LEGAL’s mission is to craft and manage practical and sustainable legal strategies to help our business community grow and succeed in Vietnam and the region, from market entry to day-to-day operations to special transactions to both in and out of court resolution of disputes.

We at INDOCHINA LEGAL strive to deliver trustworthy, efficient, sustainable and ethical legal and tax services and solutions, with local understanding and regional insight, at international standards.

Our Vision

INDOCHINA LEGAL’s vision is to become one of the leading and most reliable boutique law and tax firms in Vietnam. As a firm managed by Vietnamese and foreign partners, we believe in team work, professionalism, ethics, personal growth and continuing education for our lawyers. As a corporate citizen, we participate in and are committed to the sustainable development of Vietnam.


INDOCHINA LEGAL was founded in 2007 with the core belief that successful and sustainable ventures in Vietnam are rooted with a loyal, personable, practical and ethical attention to legal grounding.

We at INDOCHINA LEGAL share these common values:

  • Client success: Achieving sustainable and efficient legal and tax solutions is our top priority.

  • Excellence: We are committed to the provision of the highest level of professionalism to each and every task we are involved in, be it in research, counselling, drafting, negotiating or advocacy.

  • Proximity: We strive to create a personalized service that encourages close contact between each of our clients, the partner in charge of overseeing the file and the legal team executing the services.

  • Ethics: We offer no compromise for honesty and integrity in our business and professional practice. We uphold trust and confidentiality to the highest degree.

What are your plans in Indochina ? Let us know and we will get back to you.

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