C-19 CHRONICLES | 4TH EDITIONDecember 2021Publication

Sharing a 1,200 km border with China, where COVID-19 was first detected, Vietnam was one of the very first countries to close its borders to its neighboring country as soon as 1st February 2020 [...]

C-19 CHRONICLES | 3RD EDITIONOctober 2021Publication

The “C-19 Chronicles Life & Business in Vietnam” is Indochina Legal’s publication series dedicated to providing legal and on-the-ground insights into the development of the pandemic in [...]

C-19 CHRONICLES | 2ND EDITIONSeptember 2021Publication

In the first edition “From Success to Hardship” of our series of publications “C-19 Chronicles Life & Business in Vietnam”, we depicted the hardships Vietnam has been facing since [...]

Year in ReviewApril 2021Publication

Dear clients, colleagues, business associates and friends, As we make our way through the Year of the Golden Buffalo, it is with pleasure that we present to you Indochina Legal’s Year in Review, [...]

Legal UpdatesJanuary 2020Publication

Table of content INDUSTRY HIGHLIGHTS: | 1 | Strong FDI brings spotlight to industrial real estate | 4 | Condotel market in urgent need of regulations | 6 | Hospitality brands continue to flock to [...]

Market intelligence 2019June 2019Publication

SOUTHEAST ASIA OVERVIEW – A REGIONAL OVERVIEW An interview with Antoine Toussaint, Edwin Vanderbruggen , Maxim Kobzev , Potim Yun and Sornpheth Douangdy Antoine Toussaint is the legal partner in [...]

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