C-19 CHRONICLES | 4TH EDITIONDecember 2021Publication

Sharing a 1,200 km border with China, where COVID-19 was first detected, Vietnam was one of the very first countries to close its borders to its neighboring country as soon as 1st February 2020 [...]

C-19 CHRONICLES | 3RD EDITIONOctober 2021Publication

The “C-19 Chronicles Life & Business in Vietnam” is Indochina Legal’s publication series dedicated to providing legal and on-the-ground insights into the development of the pandemic in [...]

C-19 CHRONICLES | 2ND EDITIONSeptember 2021Publication

In the first edition “From Success to Hardship” of our series of publications “C-19 Chronicles Life & Business in Vietnam”, we depicted the hardships Vietnam has been facing since [...]

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